How To Discern Antique Furniture from Factory-Made Items

Differentiating between a quality antique item and a well-made knockoff is not in everyone’s shoes. It can take a considerable amount of attention to detail to notice if something is genuine or not.

Here are a few tips that can help buyers to identify the authenticity of items in an antique store or when attending an antique fair.

Check for Labels and Stamps

Check for Labels and Stamps - How To Discern Antique Furniture from Factory-Made Items

Antique items are often distinguished by numbers, labels, or tags. Some designers have even inscribed a particular feature in the design to make it more unique. In the olden days, furniture makers used to write the manufacturing information inside the drawers, on the edges, or on other places of the furniture. This can include the date, serial number, and brand of the item.

Antiques are Not Perfect

If you are looking for a perfect piece of furniture, then antiques might not be your thing. In some cases, antiques have stood the test the time and can be found in absolute mint condition.

However, with a piece of furniture that is a hundred years old, you can expect to find a few imperfections. For example, handmade furniture might not be 100% symmetrical. Antique wooden furniture has also been known to be made out of more than one type of wood.

Antique Replica Furniture

Antique Replica Furniture - How To Discern Antique Furniture from Factory-Made Items

Make sure you are not looking at a replica of a rare item. For instance, buyers can easily be misled to buy a real bronze item when this form of art can easily be copied by using a combination of metal (spelter) to imitate the appearance of a bronze item. Check for the characteristics of the materials to confirm their authenticity.

Signs of Quality Craftmanship

There will be tell-tale signs of quality craftmanship on a genuine antique item. Do adequate research on the design of the item and look for features that the artist may have added to distinguish it from a knockoff item.

New furniture can be made to look old but may not have the qualities that make it a genuine collector’s item. There are many clear signs that a piece of furniture is not a genuine antique item. Follow these guidelines to learn how to discern a genuine item from a fake one.