Items Exclusive to Antique Shops

People who prowl antique stores on their travels are normally in search of something unique and handmade. The fine art of antique design is in high demand all over the world, and the stores that supply these items are becoming rarer by the day.

Quality antique stores can hold items of great value, and their value is often determined by their rarity, desirability, condition, and authenticity. No two quality stores will house the same items, and some of the following items may only be found in an antique store.

Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture - Items Exclusive to Antique Shops

People have been known to decorate their homes with antique furniture and other items of rarity. These items are can often only be acquired by visiting countless stores and antique events. This can be anything from a Victorian couch to an 18th-century coffee table made of solid wood.

Vintage Clothing

Designer leather jackets and other old-fashioned clothing can still be found while taking a stroll through an antique fair or shop. Original vintage clothing could be pricey, but the quality of factory-made clothing is outmatched by that of handmade clothing.

Silver and Brass

Silver and Brass - Items Exclusive to Antique Shops

Antique shops and fairs often have stalls selling unique silver and brass items of great value. Whether buyers are looking for a brass bed lamp or a new set of silver knives, they will most likely find something to their liking here. Make sure to authenticate the items before buying them.

Vintage Art

Some antique dealers and collectors house precious art pieces as part of their collection. These dealers will often engage with collectors to auction off items to the highest bidder. Original art pieces from painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh are worth millions of pounds.


Original art pieces have to be authenticated and preserved to make sure that their value is kept. There are many methods used to prove authenticity. This includes analysing brush strokes and using carbon dating. Advances in technology ensure that the integrity of original art pieces can be preserved.

There is a market for anything under the antique label. Art collectors are always eager to find quality furniture, clothing, and other items of rarity and value to add to their collection.