Tips for Buying Quality Antiques

Every person getting involved in dealing with antiques can use some guidance from the experts. Dealers normally prowl auctions and fairs for the best antique deals. Bruton Decorative Antiques Fair provides some tips for analysing the value of antiques.

Evaluating the Condition

Evaluating the Condition - Tips for Buying Quality Antiques

It may be unrealistic to think that an item of around a hundred years old would still be in the same condition as the time it was made, yet some antiques have been preserved well enough to stand the test of time.

There are normally three categories of quality, namely furniture that is in good condition (moderate wear and damage, but still usable), excellent condition (minor flaws), and mint condition (near perfect condition, with no chips, breaks, or cracks).

Identifying the Authenticity

Thanks to modern technology, there are many methods and ways for identifying the authenticity of an antique item. These methods can include anything from certification to a signature from the carpenter who made the piece.

The factors of authenticity include the time period in which it was supposedly made, the carpenter or artist of the item, and finally, the type of material or materials that were used to make the item.

The Item’s Desirability

The Items Desirability - Tips for Buying Quality Antiques

The desirability of an item is characterised by the current trends in the market. If there is currently a trend in acquiring furniture from the Victorian era, then these items could be sold at a high price. The desirability of a product will always be linked to its supply and demand. Follow the trends to quantify the value of antique items.

The Rarity of The Item

The harder an antique item is to find, the more desirable it could be for collectors, and the higher the asking price can be for these items. Dealers will often travel far and wide to locate items of rarity and value.

Rarity can be defined by the number of antique items that were made, colour, design, and by the type or combination of materials that were used to make it. Genuine antique items are very difficult to reproduce.

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