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This site explores the enthralling world of antiques, as well as the dealers and collectors that make a living by prowling antique stores and fairs for rare items of value. Readers can find all the information they need here to get into the business of dealing with antiques.

The Bruton Decorative Antiques Fair is about making it easier for buyers and collectors to learn more about dealing with antiques in the modern era. With shops struggling, dealers and shops are often forced to rely on fairs and online websites to find buyers for their valuable items.

Find schedules for upcoming fairs and events happening in Somerset County, UK. Get the latest details about the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair, which is currently one of the most prestigious antique fairs in all of the United Kingdom. Book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Learn about the elements of a modern antique store. How have these shops embraced technology to adapt to the changing time? Find out how some shops have combined the beauty of antiques with the taste of coffee. More of these shops are also providing free Wi-Fi access to guests.

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Get the best advice here for buying quality antiques. There is a difference between an old antique in good condition and one that is supposedly in mint condition. Learn to differentiate between antique items and their value. What exactly makes an antique valuable? There is a high demand for quality antiques.

Discover how to discern antique knockoffs from original antiques. There are a few differentiating factors mentioned here to make it easier to identify between the two. Make sure you do not purchase a fake antique item. It can be very hard to argue for a money-back guarantee after the purchase has been made.

Find out what collectors and buyers can expect to find when they visit an antique shop. This includes anything from antique furniture and vintage clothing to silverware and vintage art.

Collectors who are interested in following the latest news and information about antiques can subscribe to this channel for regular updates. Book tickets for an antique fair or visit a shop today.